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At 2008, Fuji Driving School opened at the heart of Manhattan, New York. We have been offering driving education and in-car driving class to Japanese speaking clients. We developed our unique teaching method and helped hundreds of students to get their driving licenses. We plan to expand our service in English.

A beginner or inexperienced driver does not feel fear to operate a vehicle through our full dominant method, for instance, using the easy combination of accelerating and braking.

“Tsunagi” Accelerating makes the driver easy to operate any types of vehicles. Plus, easy use of the brakes makes the students control their cars in much easier and safer than regular brakes.

For an intermediate driver, we can offer a course that includes highway driving. The driver recognizes wide blind areas around the car and realizes the importance to maintain the time and space cushion during changing the lanes.

For an adult experienced driver, we can offer a night drive or an aimed destination drive. Difficult situations will come across while driving. The driver will obtain the skills and overcomes those situations.

For teens and nervous drivers, we recommend them to learn the basic traffic rules and vehicle control first. They are sure to obtain the skills to drive a car much easier after they achieved the full knowledge of Rule of the Road and habits to control a vehicle in safe manners.

The knowledge and skills of safety driving are the most important principle for a student driver:

Normally, driving is NOT difficult for a beginner or inexperienced driver to operate a vehicle.

Since, if they obtain enough knowledge of Rule of the Road and basic skills of vehicle control, most drivers would feel easy to operate their car.

We have been developing our high potential and comprehensive method to pass our students since year 2008.

Entrance of Fuji Driving School
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