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Practice Driving On The Road

practice driving on a road

We provide driving lesson packages to meet your driving ability
Call our office to book your lessons after you purchase the lesson package

Schedule lessons as your convenience.

For example, when you purchase 5-Hour-Lesson plan, you take 2 hours in the first day and 1 hour of each day for the rest, so you need 4 days total.

For an adult experienced driver, we shall offer a night drive or an aimed destination drive. A driver will get a lot of experience to come across difficult situations to anticipate.

For an intermediate driver, we can offer a highway driving. With recognizing wide blind areas around the car, a driver realizes an importance to maintain the time and space cushion during changing lanes.

For teens and nervous drivers, we recommend them to learn the basic traffic rules and vehicle control first. They are sure to obtain skills to drive a car much easier than they thought under full knowledge of Rule of the Road and habits to control a vehicle in safe manners.

1 hour par day is the minimum
Fee should be paid full amount online in advance

Cancellation of your lesson have to be made 1 business days in advance to re-schedule.
After that, the full payment should be required.


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