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Alternate Side Parking Rules in NYC

Street Sweeper in New York City

As you know, many streets in New York have alternate side parking regulations, which allow for street cleaning. Most alternate side parking signs are clearly marked with signs featuring a "P" crossed by a broom.

Street Parking sign

But if you are new comer to New York City, don't alternate side parking rules confuse you? There is no problem when it goes as the parking signs. But sometimes, it is suspended on ordinary weekdays. You may be thinking, "why they don't move out today? This street should be cleaning time now!"

The City suspends alternate side parking rules on the legal and religious holidays listed below, and makes emergency suspensions because of severe weather or other emergencies.

You can download a calendar of alternate side parking suspension days at NYC DOT website

You also can follow @NYCASP on Twitter to get both of regular and emergency suspensions.

You know the suspension days in advance and find out if you can park your car today or not without worries.

I hope this information can help to get rid of your parking stress.


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