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Street Parking Signs

Street Signs on 44th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues

I found out an interested page in New York City DOT website.

When you are planning to park on a street in the City, don’t you think if you can check the parking regulation on the certain street in advance?

Check this site.

Here is the example that I checked on our office address.

New York City DOT street parking signs

You can see what kind of road signs and panels for the rules and regulations are installed in each side (south and north sides of the street) by foot !

New York City DOT street parking signs

This image shows the south side of 44th Street and it has “Bus Stop” sign at the point of 78 feet from 6th Avenue. Also you can tell that it is impossible to park on this block during weekday daytime if your car is not commercial vehicle. You also can find out that you have to pay after 6 pm to midnight (“6 HMP” means 6-hour meter parking)

It seems very accurate and detailed. Because the Parking Regulations shown on this website are drawn from DOT’s traffic sign database, STATUS, which is used by DOT in managing its inventory of over one million traffic signs in New York City. The database keeps track of the description, location and installation dates for DOT traffic signs, according to this website.


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