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It's just coolant, but it's still a big deal

Check engine coolant

Do you give engine coolant a second thought? It’s just another item under the “check fluids” service included with an oil change. However, engine coolant performs three vital jobs:

- lowers the freezing point of the cooling system in winter

- raises the boiling point of the cooling system in summer

- protects the engine and cooling system from rust and corrosion year round.

If your car’s cooling system is not topped off or refilled with the correct coolant, expensive problems could result.

it’s Important to Have the Right Engine Coolant.

The type of coolant required by your vehicle can now vary by year, make, model, engine and even the country where the car was made. With so many factors in play, car owners need to know which type of engine coolant is right for their vehicle.

Many modern automobiles require enhanced engine coolants to properly maintain the vehicle’s cooling system and protect the engine from damage. Today, automotive service providers use three basic types of engine coolant:

• IAT – Inorganic Additive Technology

• OAT – Organic Acid Technology

• HOAT – Hybrid Organic Acid Technology

• Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Cooling Systems

In addition to the basic coolant types described above, each automaker has unique requirements for engine coolants. You should find the best coolant for your vehicle in your owner’s manual, and a good service technician will always make sure that the coolant used meets factory requirements.

coolant color

Coolant type cannot be accurately identified by color. Both OAT and HOAT are often orange or yellow, so they can be easily misidentified.


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